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Why You Should Hire Me

Confused About Writing? Don't Worry I Got You

I am a freelance writer/college student/sales expert currently studying for a bachelors in English with an emphasis in creative writing and minoring in business communications. All of this means I can write just about anything from social media marketing posts to guest blog posts to fictional short stories. I've also been writing blog posts since I was a freshman in high school so I've had a lot of practice writing about various topics.

Topics I Can Write About And Services Offered Include But Are Not Limited To:

♥ Financial Planning In College

♥ Young Adult Self Help

♥ Politics

♥ Research Niche Topics

♥ Balancing Life

♥ Social Media Marketing

♥ Copy Writing

♥ Business Emails

♥ Business Survey Questionnaires

♥ Product Reviews

♥ Ghost Writing

♥ Editing Your Writing

♥ Writing Tutoring

♥ English Tutoring

♥ Ap English Test Prep Courses

♥ Novel Writing

♥ Short Stories

♥ Fiction Writing

♥ Poetry

♥ Blogging

♥ Pop Culture

♥ Makeup

♥ How To's

♥ Top 10's

♥ Basically Just About Anything You Want

I'm A Blogger For Hire

I absolutely love writing and have a lot of already written posts waiting in the background for the perfect time to post or client to buy. I also love writing new posts and researching new topics to write about so, either way, I've got what you Need! I also would like to do guest post swapping where I can write for your blog for free and if you want to you can also write a post for my blog. Email me, Cam@CamieCan.com for more details and serious inquiries. 

My Skills As A Copywriter

I am a sales expert and have spent the past 3 years perfecting how to grab people's attention in order to sell them a product. My day job is being a sales representative and through that, I have been able to interact with consumers and find what really speaks to them when shopping. I have found that there are a few different types of consumer and have developed different marketing tactics for each type of consumer.

My Skills As An Editor

I am very meticulous when it comes to looking for mistakes in writing. I have a lot of practice editing because I write a lot and send in a lot of pitch ideas to various places. I have a strong eye for detail and have learned how to determine if the flow of words sounds right or not.